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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Testosterone Replacement for Low Testosterone Levels and symptoms in men - Patient Handout

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Testosterone Replacement for Low Testosterone Levels and symptoms in men  


Ask the average guy what he knows about hormones, bio identical hormones or hormone imbalance symptoms and he'll probably say something like "Hormone imbalance, that's the reason women get all emotional before their period" or "Hormone imbalance is why women have hot flashes and get crabby when they go through menopause."

Many men don't realize the crucial role hormones play in their own bodies or recognize that declining and low testosterone levels in men cause significant and progressive symptoms of hormone imbalance. Low Testosterone levels can be enhanced my maintaining a healthy diet high in good-quality protein and low in simple carbohydrates, and keeping alcohol intake to a minimum. In addition, exercising for 30-45 minutes at least 4 days per week can enhance testosterone production. Avoiding environmental toxins in plastics and pesticides may help, as can reducing stress levels. Supplements, such as zinc and selenium, and herbs, such as saw palmetto and nettles, can improve hormone balance in men. Lastly, since the aromatase enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen is found in fat tissue, maintaining a healthy weight helps optimize testosterone production.

Testing total and free testosterone, as well as estradiol and PSA levels, is crucial after age 40. If levels are low or suboptimal, supplementation with bioidentical hormones (the same molecue produced by the body) is possible using one of a number of testosterone supplementation options for me.

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