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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Patient Testimonial - HormoneSynergy Detox Program

Loses 14 lbs. in 8 weeks, gains 3% lean body mass, all symptoms disappear

Meet HormoneSynergy's latest Rock Star. 8 weeks ago, Rod described himself as "an obese, tired, sick 51 year old."

After meeting with Dr Kathryn Retzler and then starting a HormoneSynergy Detox program he now describes himself this way: 

"I feel better than I have in ten years. I suffered from chronic heartburn, stomach problems, gout, joint pain and headaches. Since I started taking Dr. Retzler's recommended nutraceuticals and eliminating toxic foods, all of my aches and pains have gone away, I have lost 14 pounds in 8 weeks, gained 3% lean body mass and lost 3% fat. I am now eating healthier, working out, and I have more energy. Overall I just feel better."

We at HormoneSynergy congratulate Rod for his commitment to optimal health and continued success. Thanks for sharing your story, Rod! You are our latest Rock Star!

For additional information about our HormoneSynergy Transformation Health and Detox Program click:  HormoneSynergy Transformational Health and Detox

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