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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Portland Oregon Anti Aging and Bioidentical Hormone Doctors - Dr. Kathryn Retzler and HormoneSynergy

HormoneSynergy - Concierge Holistic Longevity Medicine

We are Portland Oregon's only concierge holistic longevity medical practice specializing in anti aging medicine. While you may find a number of bioidentical hormone doctors in Portland, you are unlikely to find a bioidentical doctor that has as much experience and training as Dr. Retzler or a clinic that provides a more comprehensive approach to preventing disease and slowing the affects of aging than you will at HormoneSynergy. We don't believe bioidentical hormones should be prescribed as stand alone therapy but to treat low or sub-optimal hormone levels within the context of a functional medicine approach to restoring optimal health and longevity.  A balanced approach is essential for optimal health.

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